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Where is all the apparel from your last shop? My Etsy shop will continue to be open for a limited time to allow customers to order anymore designs that they may have been eyeing! MegEmikoArt's Etsy link can be found under the "Shop" tab.

Why delete your Etsy? As some may already know, I launched this new shop/website to scale down my shop and small business to be able to offer higher quality, more sustainable, and more ethically made apparel. This means that much of my apparel that was seen on my Etsy will no longer be available on this website/shop. 

Being able to work with a drop-shipping vendor worked great for starting my small business and allowed me to be able to afford to donate a portion of proceeds, but I now want much more control over the shipping and the quality, which means that now EVERY PRODUCT that you order will come directly from me.

When will new apparel be available? I'm working with different local and trans screen-printers who are created apparel for me to sell here in my shop! Add your email to the email list and follow me on my Instagram (@megemikoart) to know exactly when the apparel will be released!

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